Thank you! And A Sneak Peak at Upcoming Sale

Survey Results and Hinting at A Summer Sale Package

Thank you ever so much, to everyone who graciously took the time to fill out my Reader Survey last week.  I greatly appreciate your participation and responses.


It was encouraging and rewarding for me to hear that you enjoy the blog and find it helpful. It saddened me to hear that some of you face many challenges, and my heart yearns to support and encourage you so that you can get the results with your horse that you desire.

Please take a few minutes to watch my video as I personally thank you and hint at the upcoming Summer Sale package…..

Yes, the Summer Sale Package will be for Horse Development.

If you are wondering if your horse needs specialized horse development apart from your “training” him or her, please review this blogs article on the difference between horsemanship and horse development.

Could You Benefit from Horse Development?

The Difference Between Horsemanship and Horse Development And Why You May Choose to Use A Horse Development Specialist.

Let’s talk.  Did you take time to fill out last week’s survey?  If you did not, please consider doing that for me if you can.  Are you interested in hearing more about the summer sale?  Details coming Thursday!

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