Extra Mile Equestrian Centre ~ A Nice Place To Be

Exciting Plans and Developments At The Facility.

As many of you may already know, along with instructing and doing horse development, I also have the honour of managing Extra Mile Equestrian Centre.  This facility is located just outside the small rural town of Bobcaygeon, ON.

The equine centre is tucked away, just off a quiet country road. With a beautiful indoor arena, amply lit by natural light, an outdoor dressage ring, stadium jumping, a cross country course designed by Hugh Morsehead, as well as spacious stalls in well maintained barns, Extra Mile Equestrian Centre is truly “A nice place to be” as one visitor so eloquently put it.

Over the last seven months that I have been managing the facility some very exciting changes have taken place. I don’t have time to go into full detail but I want to give you a glimpse of recent events and future developments that have all of us here very excited! With the arrival of spring, the talk and exchange of many ideas and plans have been in the air.  From events, clinics and programs to the sharing of how lives have been changed and impacted by the beautiful animals we are blessed to own, it has been an exciting few months.


Impacting Lives, Connecting One Horse and One Person at A Time

We are just starting to see the tip of the iceberg in terms of the possibilities that are coming our way.

We have begun to have individuals with special needs come once a week and ride our horses. They are experiencing the joys of being around horses in more ways then imaginable.

As well, the staff that come to support these individuals, have enjoyed the peace and restful nature of the environment too.

Enhancing Positive, Progressive and Natural Learning Environment for Horse Enthusiasts of All Ages, Disciplines and Interests

Clinics are being scheduled too.  We are striving to create a positive, progressive and natural learning environment for horse enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

Ron Pyne, 3* Parelli Instructor, is coming to teach a two day Trail Riding Clinic June 20th-21st.  We are greatly anticipating Ron’s return to the facility. Honeycomb

Upgrading the Facility to Serve You Better

Facility enhancements are being planned as well. A honeycomb is one of the very exciting developments as well as a huge playground with many challenging yet fun obstacles.

Advancing and Growing the Horse Development Program

As the horse development prKeri-Lynn001ogram is growing and new horses are coming in, the facility is a bustle. Yet all the while the peaceful, therapeutic nature of Extra Mile Equestrian Centre remains as predominant and strong as ever.

Achieving the Goal of Impacting the Community as Only Horses Can Do

I am excited to see how this new season will bring growth and development in both people and horses. Our goal is to impact the community around us in ways that only horses can.

Please feel free to drop by any time for a visit.  Come for a tour around the facility, meet us, pet a horse, admire their beauty, experience the peace and tranquility, and see first hand the empowering environment that I have come to love and call home.

Let’s talk.  Has spring inspired new developments with you and your horse?  Are you improving your acreage or horse’s home?  Could Extra Mile Equestrian Centre serve you and your horse in some manner?

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