A 13 Year Old’s Perspective on Horse Ownership and Natural Horsemanship

This week KS Horsemanship interviewed Myles Standish, Keri-Lynn’s younger brother, to find out a 13 year old’s perspective on horse ownership and natural horsemanship.

Myles was 9 years old when he took over ownership of his horse Ruffian. For two years Myles played with and cared for his horse.  Myles passed his level one and level two “on line” Parelli auditions.

Myles chose to re-home Ruffian due to many factors, and is happy that Ruffian is thriving in his new home.


KS Horsemanship:  What is your first memory of horses?

Myles:  Keri-Lynn going to get Prince and bring him home.  I remember him arriving and getting off the trailer.  I was only four years old.

KS Horsemanship:  What is your best memory of horses?

Myles:  Passing my audition for Parelli Level 2, on line when I was ten.  I enjoyed playing with Ruffian because Keri-Lynn was pretty sure that I would pass the audition.

KS Horsemanship:  What was the greatest joy you ever experienced with horses?

Myles:  The moments that my horse understood what I was trying to communicate and did what I wanted.  It was amazing.

KS Horsemanship:  How did you grow as a person because of doing natural horsemanship?

Myles:  In several area.  I learned to communicate better because a horse needs clear communication to understand.  So do humans. I grew in my leadership skills.  My horse loved to play and he needed a leader who had ideas to prevent him from getting into mischief. I grew in my ability to recognize and read my horse, which also helped me to be more sensitive to other human’s emotions and behaviours.

KS Horsemanship:  What were some of the things you learned about yourself due to natural horsemanship?

Myles:  I learned that I was not as playful as my horse and I had to expend more energy to be what he needed. I learned that owning a horse was a lot of work and responsibility and I was not willing to invest in continuing.

KS Horsemanship:  What was your favourate part about owning a horse?

Myles:  Having him nicker when I came out to see him, and hanging out with me after I let him go.  He would choose to stay with me.  That was nice.

KS Horsemanship:  What was your least favourate part about owning a horse?

Myles:  Walking the fence lines and cleaning the corral of manure.

KS Horsemanship:  What would you tell other 8 to 12 year olds about owning a horse?

Myles:  Know as much as possible, what you are getting into, not just when you choose to have a horse, but in life in general. Take time and be sure that you are ready for the responsibility. Horses are extremely fun and enjoyable. If you need support or help, talk to Keri-Lynn because she taught me a lot and helped me a lot.  She can help you too.

KS Horsemanship:  How has natural horsemanship helped you in other areas of your life?

Myles:  In my family life, natural horsemanship has helped me to recognize different personalities and deal with people better. In my friendships, it has helped me to understand people, helping them in different situations. In my personal life, it has helped me to be a better time manager and to have self control over my emotions and thoughts.

KS Horsemanship:  Do you think that you will ever own another horse in the future?  Do you want to?

Myles:  At this moment, no.  I enjoyed it, but no.

KS Horsemanship:  Thank you, Myles for answering our questions today.  I appreciate your honesty and wisdom.

Myles:  You are welcome.


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