Taking My Passion Into The Marketplace To Serve You

The back doors of the horse trailer clanked closed on the last two horses I needed to sell in order to move into the next stage of my life.  With mixed thoughts and emotions I watched as the truck and trailer drove down the street, and out of sight.  The close of one chapter of my life needed to be, so that the beginning of the next chapter could start.  But it was hard.

Untitled002My horsemanship journey began when my dad purchased a Roy Rogers DVD for my family to watch.  Mr. Roger’s horse Trigger sparked a desire in my heart and as one thing leads to another, four months after that I had my own Haflinger called Prince.  Through friends I learned about Parelli Natural Horsemanship and Natural Horsemanship in general.

My journey for my teen years would take me through owning three more horses along with Prince, learning property maintenance and facility development and operations.  It was during the last year of my time at my parents acreage that I began to share with others as a professional instructor.  My passion for learning horse personalities and human personalities and the higher levels of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program were easy to share and I enjoyed seeing people inspired and encouraged.

So in April of 2014, God opened the door for me to sell three of the horses and go on the road with my Parelli Instructor Fawn Anderson, as well as to attend the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Fast Track in Colorado, U.S.A.  I had spent three and a half months with Ms. Anderson in Florida the previous winter of 2013 and knew that to advance my education and learn more skills for the business of instructing, this apprenticeship opportunity with her and the Fast Track with the Parellis, were the next steps.  I was not disappointed.  I was stretched, learned, grew and became a more knowledgeable and skilled horsewoman because of the time I spent with Ms. Anderson from May to Sept. of 2014, and on the Parelli Colorado campus from mid May to end of June.

During one of Ms. Anderson’s clinics I had the privilege of meeting my current employer, Jessica Brill, of Extra Mile Equestrian Centre in Bobcaygeon, ON.  We connected quickly and over the summer proceeded to discuss my employment at her and her husband’s facility come fall.  I joined the staff at the Facility as Barn Manager in Sept. with the understanding that the Facility would be the new home for Keri-Lynn Standish Natural Horsemanship, along with my Managerial duties.Untitled003

Thus, my life now is really living my dream.  I am six months into this new beginning and I am taking my passion into the marketplace to serve you.  I find great joy in sharing what I have learned, seeing a horse and human have a break through in knowledge or skills,  being the eyes on the ground that I wished I had when I was in the early stages, being the words of advice, encouragement and inspiration needed to keep you trying and learning and growing.  I enjoy puzzle solving and making the complicated easier to grasp.  I love sharing what I love doing with my horse and horsemanship.

Now, to continue this stepping out to take my passion into the marketplace, I want you to know that I am ready and enthusiastic to serve you or anyone you know who owns a horse, would like to own a horse, or wishes to use a horse here at the facility, to learn natural horsemanship.  This is a wonderful way to learn and grow and develop as a person, to grow in human and equine relationships and to grow in human to human relationship.

So, lets talk.  What is one challenge you are currently facing with your horse and human relationship, or even with your human to human relationship?  Feel free to comment below and lets discuss where we are at today in our learning and growing to become better horsemanship people.


4 thoughts on “Taking My Passion Into The Marketplace To Serve You

    1. Fear is certainly a real problem, one many of us face in some way, shape or form but the good news is that with some good strategies, consistency and support we can move past it and experience the joys of confidence!

      Keep an eye out for my next post as I do believe it might give you some strategies as to how to overcome your fears based on what you are thinking! In the meantime please feel free to email me, or text me, at kshorsemanship@hotmail.com or 613-312-9848. I’d love to hear how things are going for you and help in any way that I can!


  1. Hi keri-lynn, congratulations on your horseman journey, I have been taken Chico on lots of trail rides with friends he is doing awesome accept for water crossings some he will walk through others he will try to jump, any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.


    1. Hello Debbie! Thank you very much! I am very excited about how everything is going!

      That is fantastic that you have been able to ride Chico out on the trail! He’s a great horse.

      With out seeing the situation first hand it is hard to assess it but something you can try if you think it’s a lack of confidence issue is come up to the water, allowing him to stop whenever he needs to while approaching it. If he is trying, investigating the water, leave him alone but as soon as he stops trying back him up and then reproach it. Each time asking a little firmer while still staying calm and clear in your own communication.

      I hope that gives you some strategies to try. There are many more possibilities as well so feel free to email me at kshorsemanship@hotmail.com or text me at 613-312-9848 and I’d be happy to discuss it further!


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